Sunday, July 15, 2012

555 Timer Touch Activated Alarm Circuit Diagram

This is the circuit diagram of touch activated alarm system which still activated on load shedding. Alarm system will be activated when someone touch the “touch plate” which is called trigger. In this circuit the most updated part is automatic battery activator which is made by a relay. So don’t upset on load shedding you alarm system is activated. This circuit could be used at your home door, locker, vehicle or metal gate etc.


  1. I like this circuit and it looks simple to build but can i use a copper string of wire in place of the plate and can i connect this alarm to my fence to prevent intruders from coming in to my compound

  2. also can i use a 15volt 2amp transformer in place of the 9volt power supply for a 12volt battery and the relays 12volt in stead of 6volt for stronger out put, if possible do i need to change any component value because of the changes?