Saturday, October 8, 2011

AM Receiver Circuit Diagram Using ZN414 IC

A.M. Antenna coil and MW gang connected in parallel. One common point of this parallel circuit connected to the IC ZN414 pin number 2.

Another common point of that parallel circuit connected with two resistors (100kΩ, 1kΩ) in series. A capacitor is connected with the common point of resistors (100kΩ, 1kΩ).  A capacitor is connected in series with base of the transistor and the pin number 1 of the ZN414.
One end of the 10kΩ resistor is connected with the collector point of the transistor BC549 and another end is connected with the power supply +Vcc.

And one end of the 100kΩ resistor is connected with the collector and another end connected with base. 105pF capacitor is connected between collector and ground. Pin 3 of IC ZN414 and emitter of the transistor is connected to the ground.

 Required Instrument
  • IC ZN 414.
  • Capacitor(105pF×1,104pF×2,103pF×1)
  • MW Gang
  • Resistor(100kΩ×2,10kΩ×1,1kΩ×1,470Ω×1)
  • AM antenna
  • Transistor(BC549)

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