Saturday, February 26, 2011

Light and Dark Dependent Circuir

          This is the circuit of a simple buzzer that is activated by darkness, the buzzer is off when there's light and on when it is dark. A general-purpose operational amplifier, the 741, is used as a comparator that determines whether it is dark enough to turn on a self-oscillating piezoelectric buzzer.

          Its inverting input is connected to a photoresistor, a component whose resistance decreases as more light shines on it.  Its non-inverting input, on the other hand, is connected to an almost fixed voltage, i.e., a proportion of the supply voltage as set by timmer resistor R2. 
Figure 1.  Darkness-Activated Buzzer Circuit Diagram.

            If there is ample light shining on the photo-resistor, the buzzer is quiet. As less light shines on the photo-resistor, its resistance increases and causes the voltage across R1 to decrease.  At a certain level of lighting, the voltage across R1, which is also the voltage at the inverting input of the 741, becomes smaller than the voltage at the non-inverting input. At this point, the 741 is triggered to output a 'high' level, turning on Q1.  Q1 then activates the self-oscillating piezoelectric buzzer.

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